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Clinical applications require complete solutions, from sample preservation to data interpretation. Keeping these painpoints in-mind, Singleron has developed a proprietary clinical sample processing workflow, enabling traditionally difficult sample types to be processed for single-cell analysis. The workflow includes 1) the proprietary sCelLiVE sample preservation buffer that can keep cells viable for 72hrs;2) an effective tissue dissociation mastermix that is suitable for all tissue types, even those that are traditionally difficult to dissociate such as skin, fat, or bone; 3) our diverse multi-omics single cell library kits powered by Singleron SCOPE technology; and 4) finallly, a comprehensive bioinformatic service for single-cell data analysis, supporting and simplifying clinical interpretation.

Singleron focuses strongly on processing clinical sample types (biopsies, tumor resections, needle biopsies, etc.) for various single cell sequencing applications, with a high success rate of 94% on over 8000 samples so far. Singleron's service team in Cologne Germany is dedicated to assist on your clinical, translational studies.

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"RNA is very sensitive to degradation, and cells can go into apoptosis during processing, making them no longer representative. The ability to preserve cells for up to three days addresses these quality issues and allows sample collection away from the processing laboratory. It also provides a chance to justify using single-cell analysis for diagnosis. With these three extra days, we can at least do some histological analysis."

-Dr. Margaret Odenthal, professor at the University Hospital Cologne

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Singleron Single-Cell Sequencing Service: one-stop-shop
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For the following product we provide our library preparation & sequencing service:

GEXSCOPE® Single Cell RNA sequencing

GEXSCOPE® single nucleus RNA Sequencing

GEXSCOPE® single cell Immune TCR/BCR sequencing

FocuSCOPE single cell targeted panel sequencing (customize-designed panel or pre-designed panel)

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