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GEXSCOPE® Single Nucleus RNA Library Kit

Single-cell RNA sequencing normally requires single-cell suspensions from fresh samples. This can be challenging for certain sample types such as archived samples that are stored as frozen tissues. GEXSCOPE® Single Nucleus RNA Library Kit includes steps for single-nucleus isolation, mRNA capture and sequencing library construction, making it feasible to analyse archived frozen tissue samples by single-cell sequencing. This can be especially useful for analysing clinical samples. 

Applies to:

1. Frozen tissues

2. Cells with large diameter or irregular shape

3. Frozen cells isolated from cell flowcytometry

Demo Dataset
Single-nucleus library was prepared from frozen mouse brain hippocampus tissue using GEXSCOPE® Single Nucleus RNA Library Kit. Major cell types were successfully identified based on expression profiles of marker genes, including excitatory neuron, inhibitory neuron, glial cells, neuroblasts and oligodendrocytes.
  • Cell clustering from mouse brain hippocampus tissue
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