Core Technology

Ⅰ:Tissue Processing:
Our proprietary GEXSCOPE™ tissue processing solution makes it easy to preserve, transport, and dissociate tissue samples for single cell sequencing. The GEXSCOPE™ (Single Cell Omics Preparation Entity)Tissue Preservation Solution can preserve cell viability in fresh tissue at 4℃ for up for 72 hours, making it easy to store or transport samples to central laboratory for further processing. The innovative GEXSCOPE™ (Single Cell Omics Preparation Entity)Tissue Dissociation Master Mix comprises a mixtures of different enzymes in an optimized buffer system which can effectively break down tissues to generate single cell suspension with >90% viable cells within an hour, without requirement for special equipment. The Dissociation Master Mix has already been successfully tested in over twenty tumor and normal tissue types.

Ⅱ:Single Cell Separation and Sequencing Library Construction:

Cell suspension can be manually loaded onto GEXSCOPE™ chip(Single Cell Omics Preparation Entity), a portable, closed-format microwell chip to settle single cells into individual wells. Magnetic beads with error-correcting barcode design can subsequently be loaded into the wells to capture and label mRNA from each single cell with a unique cell barcode. Reverse transcription, cDNA amplification, and library construction are then performed with optimized GEXSCOPE™ (Single Cell Omics Preparation Entity)enzymes and buffers. 

Ⅲ:Bioinformatics Analysis and Data Mining:

Singleron is building a unique clinical single cell database that integrates cellular and molecular information with clinical insights. The database contains a large number of datasets from single cell RNAseq samples processed with GEXSCOPE™ (Single Cell Omics Preparation Entity)system, as well as datasets from public databases and relevant publications. Combining with multidimensional information on genes, pathways, and drug responses, we are establishing machine-learning models to accurately annotate cell populations and obtain clinically relevant insights automatically. 

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