Singleron Biotechnologies is an innovative molecular diagnostic company dedicated to applying groundbreaking single cell analysis techniques to clinical diagnosis, health management and drug development. The company was incorporated in January 2018 and received multi-million dollar seed round financing from Oriza Seed Fund and FreeS VC, both leading VC funds in China in May 2018. In June 2019, Singleron completed pre-A round financing from Sherpa Healthcare and CGC.

Singleron has attracted a team of experts with diverse expertise since its incorporation. Currently, there are more than 100 full-time employees in the company. The leadership team and key employees have years’ industry experience in multinational companies, including QIAGEN, Beckton Dickinson, Illumina, TSMC, and Novogene. The technical team possesses extensive and diverse hands-on experience in single cell analysis, genomics, microfluidic systems, bioinformatics, database construction, instrument design, and clinical product development.

gleron obtained a worldwide exclusive IP license from Yale University for its uniquely designed microfluidic single cell processing device, and has developed the innovative GEXSCOPE™ single-cell pre-sequencing preparation system based on this microfluidic device. The GEXSCOPE™ system offers a single cell analysis product format that is highly suitable for clinical applications by addressing typical challenges in single cell sequencing workflow, such as difficult sample transport, complicated procedure, and high cost. Since its incorporation, Singleron has quickly developed key proprietary technologies and methods on microfluidic system design, tissue processing, single cell barcoding and amplification, data analysis algorithms and data mining, and applied for over ten patents and software copyrights. GEXSCOPE™ Single Cell RNA-seq Library Kits, which enable RNA-seq library construct from thousands of single cells in parallel, was successfully launched in January 2019. The company has already worked with over 80 prominent research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, both in China and oversees, to promote the adoption of innovative single cell analysis technologies in clinics and drug discovery.

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